Multi-unit Freehold Blocks

Owning a multi-unit freehold block should mean greater income for your client, not greater complexity.  We don’t believe in complicating things, that’s why we make accessing funds fuss-free from the outset.

Whether it’s a small or a larger MUFB, we can easily lend against most property types including properties above and adjacent to commercial property, semi-commercial, and standard builds – all up to 75% LTV.

What’s more, product fees can be added over and above the maximum loan limits.


Criteria FAQs

Do you lend to ex-pats on MUFBs?

Yes, but only on a small MUFB, subject to referral, at max 65% LTV & bespoke pricing.

Do you require the individual units to have separate services?

Generally, yes. However, we will consider units with partially separated services by referral.

What is your minimum unit size?

There is no minimum unit size. However, any unit under 28 sqm should be referred prior to submission.

Do you lend to first-time landlords?

Yes, but we require at least one applicant to have a minimum of 12 months of current or previous letting experience for MUFB lending.

Do you lend on MUFB houses?

No, we can only where an MUFB is a block of flats.