MT Finance launched in 2008 with a clear and simple philosophy: to provide loans quickly and effortlessly, and with utmost flexibility – core values we maintain to this day.

We are committed to supporting the UK intermediary community by providing fit-for-purpose specialist funding solutions that meet your client’s needs and have built our reputation around an exceptional service proposition – something we are consistently recognised for within the financial services industry.

BTL Mortgages

Guided by a streamlined process, a hands-on service, and a flexible approach,  our BTL mortgage products are tailored to suit . We tackle everything with a can-do attitude so if you think your case works on its own merits, chances are, we will too.

Regulated Bridging

Our regulated bridging products are designed to be fit for purpose, with an emphasis on speed and efficiency. By stripping back to the essentials and applying a result-driven mindset, we can quickly meet your client’s residential funding needs.

Bridging Loans

When your client needs a bridging loan, they want a fast and stress-free process. By adopting a common-sense and fuss-free approach, we can deliver funds exactly when, and how, they are needed – preventing your client from missing out on time-sensitive opportunities.

A focus on flexibility

With each case manually underwritten, our bridging loans are designed to be as fast and as flexible as possible. The introduction of AVMs on our standard residential bridging products also means we can now move quicker than ever. Drop us a line today to find out how we can support your client.

Converting a house into two flats, N11

Our clients had recently inherited a terraced house which they were intending to convert into two rental flats. Wanting to move quickly, they urgently needed a short-term fix to fund the renovation. Find out how our unregulated bridging team were able to jump in and save the day.

MT Finance celebrates International Women’s Day

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, MT Finance’s Marylen Edwards, Ronnie Woods, Isabella Emirali and Melanie Norman sat down to discuss what an inclusive workplace looks like to them, what they enjoy most about leading a team and how we can inspire more women to join the sector.