Leicester, Manchester and Liverpool are top of the league…

for property value gains

It’s possible that points actually mean prices.

The Cities House Price Index from Zoopla has revealed the biggest house price gains come from Leicester, Manchester and Liverpool.

Obviously, there is no direct connection between the current Premier League top 3 and house prices, but it certainly gives property owning football fans reasons to be cheerful.

Leicester, Manchester, London house value gains

(Source: Zoopla)

The three cities topping the table are mainly up there due to a lack form from London, and I’m talking house prices here.

With an air of uncertainty regarding Brexit and the December election, homeowners are reluctant to sell. Hoping for political clarity in 2020, many are electing not to sell now, thus stagnation.

Speaking on his firm’s own recent House Price Index, Miles Shipside of Rightmove was quoted as saying “Many buyers are getting on with their lives and making the most of the better negotiating opportunities that the distractions of electioneering and the seasonal slowdown in the run-up to Christmas can bring”.

In our recent Property Investor Survey, an overwhelming 81% believed that the housing market would bounce back after Brexit’s conclusion.

One thing that should be noted is that despite London being in the bottom 3, its average house price is still top of the league.

Average property prices within London’s zone 1 and 6 range from £1.3 million to just under £500k, all towering above the other cities.

London leads average house prices

(Source: Zoopla)

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