Boris and Brexit – the investors perspective

This weekend saw another raucous round of voting in Commons, so what better time than now to review the results our Property Investor Survey in which we polled questions surrounding the effect of Brexit on the property market.

Of the 111 participants in our poll, there was strong feeling that the UK is still heading for a no-deal Brexit. Over three quarters (76%) of investors believe that no matter what extensions to the deadline or amendments are made, no agreement will be reached.

Despite the lack of confidence in a deal being reached, the investors polled were buoyant on the notion that the UK property market will bounce back. 81% of those polled believe that the conclusion of Brexit will be a boost to the market.

The remainder of our questions were directly related to how investors saw Boris Johnson’s feeling towards the property market and whether he would come through on his proposals.

Firstly, we asked if investors believe that the market would be a priority for the prime minister and the results were as close as the 2016 referendum itself, with ‘no’ winning a 58/42 split.

Whilst campaigning for the PM position Mr Johnson made big pledges regarding stamp duty, however at the start of October, the Treasury announced the biggest drop in stamp duty income in a decade with a deficit of over £900m in receipts. (Source: The Telegraph)

When asked if Prime Minister Johnson would follow through with his proposals about stamp duty, over 60% of investors did not believe that he would.

Of the other issues that concerned the UK property market, when asked, planning laws (59%) and tax relief cuts (30%) were the biggest issues that they would like Boris Johnson to address.

There will be much more debate this week about the final details of any potential deal that will be proposed back to the EU. These include factors such as workers’ rights, trading agreements and tariffs, all of which can directly affect the UK property market and as the debates go on, we will also see fluctuations in the Pound. All of which are factors that investors are considering when asking if now is the perfect time to invest in property.

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