Are you a Borrower or Solicitor?

Borrowers: Our panel of expert Solicitors

Looking for an independent solicitor to act on your behalf?

Why not visit our panel of pre-approved solicitors firms to get a quote?

Our panel firms are entirely independent of mtf but have all been checked to ensure they comply with our internal regulatory and customer care requirements. This means no delay as these solicitors has already been approved.

Any solicitors firm that you do intend to use must be approved by us as part of the loan applications. We require any solicitors not on our panel to be a Firm of solicitors with a minimum of 3 partners. Other checks and verifications may apply.


Interested in joining our panel?

In order to be considered as a potential panel member, your firm must have a minimum of 3 partners and must be registered with the Law Society of England and Wales. Additional checks and verifications will apply. For further information about joining mtf’s solicitors’ panel please contact us.