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MTF Wins Service Excellence Award



MTF has won the award for ‘Service Excellence’ at the Bridging & Commercial Awards 2015. The award was presented yesterday during an all-day event held at The Hurlingham Club in Fulham.

MTF beat off some stiff competition in the category including Precise Mortgages and United Trust Bank.

At MTF providing a good service is one of the things we do best and winning the Service Excellence award reflects the value we place on building relationships with our clients and introducing brokers by delivering the very highest standards of service.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers and introducing brokers think.

We’d like to thank the organisers of the Bridging & Commercial Awards 2015 for hosting an exceptional day!


MTF provides SMEs with fast access to funds

There are a number of instances when bridging finance provides quick and critical access to business owners who are trying to raise funds.

MTF recently completed a bridging loan for a borrower who worked as a television producer and was looking to raise £247,000 to start a new television show.

The client attempted to borrow against a buy-to-let property he owned, valued at £2.75 million, which had an existing first charge mortgage of £1.3 million.

However, his existing mortgage lender was unable to provide additional funding against the property in the timeframe required.

Due to time sensitivity, the client’s broker contacted us straight away and in just nine days MTF was able to secure a second charge, 12-month loan on the property, at 56% LTV.

The client was able to invest in his new business venture and the 12 month term gave him plenty of time to repay the loan.

Whether funds are needed to acquire stock, facilitate a new venture or stimulate growth, give us a call on 0203 051 2331 or enquire online to see how MTF can help.

When there’s a need for speed

Speed is critically important in bridging finance. It is what makes bridging finance a fundamentally useful tool for those who need to raise funds within a short time frame.

As an example, MTF was recently approached by applicants who had exchanged contracts in 2013 to purchase an investment asset in Southwark, London, off-plan from a developer for £836,000.

As the development reached practical completion a Notice to Complete was served by the developer, with a strict time clause requiring completion by 8th May, failing which the deposit would be forfeited and the developer would be free to sell the newly completed property at a higher value on the open market.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the loan, the applicants were unable to secure a BTL mortgage. Faced with roughly a week within to complete the purchase the applicants approached MTF. On receipt of the enquiry on 24th April we were able to give an immediate decision, and issued the offer of loan that day. Our team worked around the clock to organise the valuation and so as to ensure the legal formalities were addressed.


With 2 days to spare MTF provided a £480,000.00 bridging loan based on an open market value of £836,000, with no exit fee or early redemption penalty.  What’s more, we managed not only to save the borrowers from losing the apartment, but equally losing their £50,000 deposit. 

By taking out the bridging loan, the applicants were given the time and breathing space to obtain a buy-to-let mortgage at the right level.

There are a number of situations an applicant will be presented with a very narrow window of opportunity. For example, a borrower whose mortgage lender has let them down at the last minute, a landlord trying to secure a property at auction, those facing repossession or a business owner who has a tax bill to clear quickly.

Whatever the situation, we enjoy being given the opportunity to provide a solution. Why not give us a call on 0203 051 2331 or enquire online to see how MTF could help.

MTF Wins Best Bridging Lender 2015


MTF has been named Best Short-term/ Bridging Lender at the Financial Reporter Awards 2015.

This is the second time MTF has won this award. We previously won the award in 2013, and having been awarded Highly Commended in the Best Service from a Bridging Finance Provider category at the Business Moneyfacts Awards last month, it is a great affirmation of MTF’s performance in this highly competitive field.

The Financial Reporter annual awards is an awards programme based purely on the majority vote. MTF is delighted to receive this award as a result of votes cast from our peers in the industry and would like to thank those people who voted for us.

This award acknowledges the continued focus we place on speed and efficiency and the quality of our product range and reflects our continued emergence as a market leader in the bridging lending market.

New product launches to measure UK bridging trends

MTF has joined together with leading representatives from the bridging finance industry and launched a new measuring tool, graphically highlighting the latest trends shaping the UK’s bridging finance market.

Published quarterly, Bridging Trends covers our own figures and data gathered from packagers: Brightstar Financial, Enness Private Clients, Positive Lending and SPF Short Term Finance (SPF), with the aim to deliver the most realistic representation of the bridging loan market.

Key data points from Bridging Trends in the first quarter of 2015 are as follows:

  • Gross lending reached £80.5 million
  • Average term 11 months
  • Average monthly interest rate was 0.95%
  • Average LTV was 50%
  • Property refurbishment was most popular use for bridging loans
  • 69% of bridging loans were unregulated

To access Bridging Trends Q1 2015, please view the image below or visit to go to the infographic directly.


Refurbishment most popular use for bridging loans

Property refurbishment is the most popular use for bridging finance, according to the latest results from our broker sentiment survey.

57% of the 360 respondents listed refurbishment as the most popular use for bridging loans over the first quarter of this year.

As rising property prices push down rental returns, property investors are increasingly seeking out assets in need of work so they can buy them at a low price, make renovations and sell them on or rent them out at a decent profit. However, with mainstream lenders implementing tougher restrictions, it has been harder for investors to access funds and more are turning to bridging finance to finance these projects as a result.

Figures from our Broker Sentiment Survey also revealed that 39% of brokers blamed solicitors for delays to their client’s bridging loan cases.

Key points of the survey:

  • 57% listed refurbishment as the most popular use for bridging loans
  • 18% said, on average, bridging loan applications take 1-2 weeks to complete
  • 39% blamed solicitors for delays
  • Economic adjustments main reason for the increase in demand

MTF Broker Sentiment Survey Q1 2015 Results


The winner of the £50 Amazon vouchers was Tony from Platinum Options. Thank you to all who took the time to complete the survey.

Refurb and Prosper

Bringing an investment property back to life is a great opportunity. But arranging the finance to purchase a property and fund the renovation works can be challenging as many mainstream lenders are still adverse to refurbishment lending.

We were recently approached by a borrower who targets buy-to-let properties, buying them in a run-down state and getting planning permission to add additional rooms before doing them up and putting them on the rental market. refurbishments

His latest project focused on an investment property in London with a value of £330,000.

He wanted to buy, refurbish and then rent it but was unable to get a buy-to-let mortgage as it was uninhabitable.

We provided a £214,500 bridging loan within a week, at 65% LTV, over a 12 month period with no exit fee or early redemption penalty.

The bridging loan gave him the funds to buy the property and bought him the time needed to carry out the works in order to significantly increase the rental value of the property. The borrower will then refinance out of the bridge with a traditional buy-to-let mortgage from a bank, against the higher value.

Bridging finance is enabling investors the freedom to do what they need to do to properties more than ever before, providing a solution when high street banks are unable to lend the amounts required in the necessary time frame.

If you have an enquiry you wish to discuss, give us a call on 0203 693 0429 to see how MTF could help.

MTF Wins Another Business Moneyfacts Award



Last night, MTF were awarded Highly Commended in the Best Service from a Bridging Finance Provider category at the prestigious Business Moneyfacts Awards 2015.

The Business Moneyfacts Awards recognise the best products and services offered during the last year and showcase those whose support remains paramount for the financial recovery of the country.

Needless to say we were delighted to win this award.  Providing a good service is at the heart of our business model. MTF are committed to building strong relationships with our introducing brokers and delivering the very highest standards of service.

MTF would also like to extend its thanks to Business Moneyfacts for hosting an exceptional celebration- we had a great night!

Does your client face property repossession?

MTF is able to offer bridging finance loans on complex deals, moving quickly and thinking outside of the box to provide financial solutions to borrowers in need.

While MTF receives a large of volume of straightforward bridging finance applications every day and funds a big portion of these deals, it also takes great pride in the ability to assist brokers and borrowers on more complicated transactions.

MTF was recently approached by a broker to help his client who was looking to raise £839,000. The loan was needed to redeem an existing charge with a bridging lender and to complete renovations to an investment property in Battersea, which had an open market value of £1.3 million.

The investment property had recently been refurbished and a rear extension had been added. Unfortunately the rear extension breached the planning permission nominally and the local authority insisted it was rectified immediately. In light of the planning breach, the borrower was unable to get a mortgage on the property leaving him unable to pay off the existing bridging lender.

As a consequence, the bridging lender appointed a Law of Property Act (LPA). The client was faced with an extremely strict deadline which, if missed, would result in his property being sold at auction.

MTF looked at the breach, considered the cost and was able to provide an £839,000 loan at 65% LTV at open market value, in order to discharge the LPA receiver and save the property from being sold at auction.

In just a matter of days, the client was able to redeem the existing bridging loan and regain control of his asset. With the funds provided by MTF he also had the time and space needed to rectify the work on his investment property and find a mortgage at the right level.

The bridging finance market is competitive but MTF stands out, distinguishing itself as a lender by offering a high quality of service and a truly flexible approach.




We have moved (yes, again) to new larger premises in the heart of London’s West End.

As of Monday 2nd February, MTF will be based at 10 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TQ.

The move provides us with the additional space to accommodate a growing committed team of MTF professionals, most recently expanded with the acquisition of a financial analyst and further executive support personnel.

We remain very aware that our success is directly attributable to the strong relationships we enjoy with you, our partners, introducers, and friends in the industry and we remain fully committed to investing  in our team to ensure MTF continues to offer the best service proposition in the market.

Please make a note of our new address for all future correspondence… we look forward to seeing you soon.

10 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7TQ