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why investors purchase off-plan property


When buying an off-plan property, you are essentially purchasing off a developer prior to the construction. This requires patience in waiting for the development to be completed but can see you reap the rewards. As we touched on last week, UK homebuilders are currently thriving with over 170,000 new homes completed this year. This figure

investor demand continues for bridging loans

Bridging Trends

By Gareth Lewis, Commercial Director at MT Finance The latest set of Bridging Trends data has been released this morning and property purchase remained the most frequently used purpose for a short-term loan. This Q3 report is the third successive quarter that property purchase took the top spot with 22%, slightly down from the 25%

property auctions and bridging loans

Property auctions and bridging loans

Property auctions and bridging loans are a mainstay for investors and individuals looking to purchase real estate. Auctions are now considered an alternative way of making a property purchase. One of the key reasons for this is that property can often be purchased below market price. In addition to this, the speed of completion is

UK homebuilders are profiting as new builds reach records

UK homebuilders profit

A report from showed the number of completed new homes in has reached an 11 year high due to the success of some UK homebuilders. Over 170,000 new homes were built this year by June, a figure that represents a rise 8% from 2018. optimism for further development The government has often referred to

is Birmingham the buy-to-let hotspot of 2020?

Structural works, SL4

If you are looking for an area to purchase a buy-to-let property outside of London, then Birmingham could be an ideal location. The cloud of Brexit has cast uncertainty over the London property market since the 2016 referendum. This has seen businesses and professionals moving out of the capital to seek move effective locations. One

investment diversification with real estate

UK homebuilders profit

Smart investors know that the key to a well-rounded portfolio is investment diversification. But some forget that real estate can be an important element of that. In general, property prices continually rise and are less susceptible to price fluctuations like stocks and currencies. If property is purchased on a buy-to-let basis, your investment can also

BTL mortgage approvals fall, but there is an alternative

UK homebuilders profit

The latest data from the Bank of England show that demand the BTL mortgage figures fell by 1.2% (net) in the past three months. The figures come from the BoE’s quarterly Credit Conditions Survey in which they survey banks and building society lenders to gauge the current and upcoming trends within the financial market. The

is pre-Brexit London the place to invest?

As the country looks to be heading to the polls, again, we’re going to take a quick look at the effect Brexit has had on the London house prices. Brexit has caused more than its fair share of debate and confusion since the referendum in 2016. It would seem that each week that has gone

Boris and Brexit – the investors perspective

This weekend saw another raucous round of voting in Commons, so what better time than now to review the results our Property Investor Survey in which we polled questions surrounding the effect of Brexit on the property market. Of the 111 participants in our poll, there was strong feeling that the UK is still heading

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