what is a property purchase loan?

The property world moves fast and so do we. We know that when you need funds to purchase an investment asset, you need the process to be as fast, flexible and as stress-free as possible. At MT Finance, we make sure you never miss out on an investment opportunity by providing funds with speed and agility.

What’s more, we will also take a view on CCJs, defaults, and arrears and we do not require  a minimum credit score, evidence accounts, or proof of income – instead, we focus on the property and your future plans. Our streamlined process includes no lengthy application forms, allowing us to offer short-term finance exactly when, and how, you need it.

product features:

  • Up to 70% LTV
  • 1st & 2nd charge loans
  • Loans from £50,000– £10,000,000
  • Terms from 1-24 months
  • Residential, commercial & semi-commercial property
  • Adverse credit, CCJs & arrears considered
  • No up-front fees, no exit fees, no ERCs
  • No credit scoring

With no up-front fees, early repayment charges or exit fees, MT Finance will always help you access the most competitive rate, tailoring a solution to fit your financial requirements.

To find out more about how a short-term loan could help you purchase an investment property, or if you have a project you wish to discuss, contact one of our short-term loan experts today on 0203 051 2331 or fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

how can a short-term loan help?

A short-term loan is designed to ‘bridge the gap’, giving an investor the time and breathing space needed until longer-term finance can be arranged or the underlying security is sold.

Using a short-term loan to purchase an investment property enables landlords and property investors to access funds quickly, providing an opportunity to expand their portfolio, “bridge” a shortfall when a sale is delayed, or quickly convert properties for the rental market or for profit.

One of the main benefits of a short-term loan is the speed at which funds can be delivered. Where a mainstream bank may take several months to put together a buy-to-let mortgage for a borrower, MT Finance is often able to make lending decisions within hours of initial enquiry and regularly delivers funds in a matter of days. This is crucial for those trying to secure quick deals on properties.

MT Finance has helped many property investors and landlords looking to capitalise on an investment opportunity over the years. These range from borrowers who do not fit the mainstream criteria to investors who need to complete a transaction very quickly in order to get a good deal.

For many investors and developers, the difference between success and failure is being able to finance a project. MT Finance can provide solutions and empower borrowers to turn their investment aspirations into achievement.

when could a short-term loan help?

From clinching a fantastic deal, to buying at auction within a 28-day time-frame, a short-term loan can fill a liquidity gap, fast.

At MT Finance we can assist with short-term loans for:

  • fast property purchases

In this highly competitive property market, buyers are at constant risk of being gazumped at the last minute by rival purchasers. A short-term loan gifts a borrower the ability to buy quickly when investment opportunities arise. MT Finance can help you purchase residential, commercial, semi-commercial properties and HMOs.

  • mortgage delays

Whether you have been let down by your buy-to-let mortgage lender at the last minute and need to exchange/complete on your purchase, or your lender is taking too long to agree a buy-to-let mortgage and you need to exchange to secure the property, a short-term loan could provide a solution by releasing funds with speed.

  • unlocking property chains

A short-term loan can be used to complete an investment property purchase without having to wait for your own sale to complete.

  • buying property at auction

Anyone wanting to purchase a property at auction can often face barriers when it comes to raising funds. Either they are unable to get a mortgage because the property requires major work, or they find it virtually impossible to secure a mortgage in the tight 28-day time frame due to lengthy application processes. A short-term loan can be arranged in a matter of days.

  • purchase and refurbish an uninhabitable property

Properties deemed uninhabitable by a high-street lender – perhaps because they don’t have a kitchen or a bathroom in their current state – are hugely attractive to investors. Often on the market for rock-bottom prices, they allow buyers to purchase a bargain, bring it up to a decent standard and then let it out at market value, achieving a strong rental yield, or sell it against a higher value.

Banks are less likely to lend on uninhabitable properties. However, a short-term loan can fund the purchase and the refurbishment works, at speed, and once the necessary works have been completed, the short-term loan can be financed with a mortgage from a buy-to-let lender against the higher value.