What do our brokers say?


“We have worked with mtf since their inception and have found their knowledge and experience is exemplary in this sector.”

Paul McGonigle, Positive Lending


“THE non-status bridging lender in the market-place, with best broker experience. A true partner and the nicest people in the industry. 10/10.”

Kit Thompson, Brightstar Financial

“I have worked with many finance lenders over my 25 years in financial services and mtf stands head and shoulders over most. Not only in demonstrated initiative, efficiency and flexibility, but also in their ability to go above and beyond to make sure a deal runs smoothly.”

Chris Whitney, Enness

“Many Lenders talk about how good their service proposition is and talk a good game, but it is one thing saying it and another thing actually doing it and delivering time after time. The very nature of the bridging Industry means that transactions normally need to happen quickly and expedited efficiently. MT Finance regularly delivers and never misses a time frame or deadline.”

Danny Churchill, Pure Funding Solutions

“mtf’s process is so simple and fast it makes using them a real pleasure compared to other bridging finance lenders. As a business this is really important to us and gives us a real edge in the market place. We really could not get a higher level of service from mtf.”

Paul Barber, Discount Mortgages


“On using mtf for the first time we expected the same quality that we have been used to. We were pleasantly surprised to find that their service and support in the processing of the bridging loans we placed with them surpassed those lenders we have used in the past.”

Simon Juniper, Only Bridging

“mtf are always on hand and very quick to respond to any bridging enquiry offering competitively priced deals which are never ambiguous or complicated. Truly a breath of fresh air!”

John Waddicker, Positive Commercial Finance

“They have always proven to be consistently the quickest in terms of both agreeing the enquiry and processing it to completion-enabling us to give excellent service to our brokers and clients.”

Kevin Thomson, Connect for Intermediaries

“mtf approach each deal in a completely different way than any other lender we have dealt with. They break down the deal immediately and as there are no forms or boxes to be ticked they are able to grasp the value and concept of the deal from the outset. This allows the team to move quickly and efficiently to make the process of drawing a loan as painless and streamlined as possible for the client.”

Andrew Hosford, Voltaire Financial