new product launches to measure UK bridging trends


new product launches to measure UK bridging trends

MTF has joined together with leading representatives from the bridging finance industry and launched a new measuring tool, graphically highlighting the latest trends shaping the UK’s bridging finance market.

Published quarterly, Bridging Trends covers our own figures and data gathered from packagers: Brightstar Financial, Enness Private Clients, Positive Lending and SPF Short Term Finance (SPF), with the aim to deliver the most realistic representation of the bridging loan market.

Key data points from Bridging Trends in the first quarter of 2015 are as follows:

  • Gross lending reached £80.5 million
  • Average term 11 months
  • Average monthly interest rate was 0.95%
  • Average LTV was 50%
  • Property refurbishment was most popular use for bridging loans
  • 69% of bridging loans were unregulated

To access Bridging Trends Q1 2015, please view the image below or visit to go to the infographic directly.


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