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Back in early June, two teams of footballers from the financial services industry battled it out against each other on Villa Park’s hallowed turf. Why? To raise as much money as possible for Prevent Breast Cancer – the only charity dedicated to the detection and prevention of breast cancer. Over £5,000 was donated (including £2,600 from MT Finance), an incredible sum which will make a huge difference to the charity. In the first of a series of blogs which tells the stories of those who have battled breast cancer, we caught up with Prevent Breast Cancer BooBee Ambassador, Keisha. Diagnosed in the middle of the Covid pandemic shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Keisha was only 28 when she received the news. She talked to us about her ongoing recovery, raising awareness and staying positive.


Firstly, how is your recovery going?

Recovery is going fab thank you. I’m healing well from surgery and I’ve got a good set of hair growing back since chemo. I’m working on how it’s affected me mentally and every day is one step closer to healing.


As well as having a mastectomy, you also had a preventative mastectomy on the other side, could you tell us more about why you opted for this?

Yes, I have now had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. I decided to do this because I wanted to reduce any chance of having a reoccurrence, not only for me but for my daughter so I can be the mum to her she deserves. I had my genetic testing done and I’m fortunately not a carrier of the breast cancer gene but I was told my chances of developing a different kind of breast cancer was in the high 20s so this helped the surgeon agree to a double mastectomy.


You gave birth to your daughter seven weeks before your diagnosis, how did becoming a mum inspire you to become a BooBee Ambassador?

I want to raise awareness for younger women and new mums that it’s so important to check your breasts. It can happen to anyone of any age and also pregnant or not pregnant. I found my lump while pregnant. I also want to know my daughter has a safer future in regards to breast cancer and preventing it or detecting it earlier.


You’ve talked before about ‘giving back’, what have you most enjoyed about being a BooBee Ambassador?

Sharing my story and being able to help others. Even if it’s to remind those to check their boobs as it could lead to an early diagnosis.


What was the best piece of advice you received after your diagnosis?

To be positive – I remained positive all the way through. I feel a negative mindset can take you into dark places and make you lose hope.


How would you describe Prevent Breast Cancer in three words?

Absolutely amazing charity


If you would like to find out more about Prevent Breast Cancer – including how to make a donation – you can visit their site here.

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