fraud alert


fraud alert

MT Finance have been contacted by two members of the public in the last week in respect of a fraudulent scam where an unknown person and/or persons who are not in any way connected with MT Finance are contacting members of the public and offering them pay day loans.

The scam/fraud is being committed against vulnerable individuals who are seeking a pay day loan

As part of the scam the fraudsters are contacting members of the public and offering a loan.  They state they are from MT Finance.  They obtain the individuals bank details, and request that the applicant pay them a cash fee of between £100 and £200.

The individuals involved in this scam have used the following names which have been relayed to us by their intended victims: Jeff Wilkins.  Kevin McAllister and another female participant in the fraud by the name of Victoria.  Please be aware.  The fraudsters provide identification numbers to would be victims to create an air of authority.

MT Finance is not a pay day loan company.  We do not offer personal loans.  MT Finance does not charge upfront fees and will never ask an applicant for their bank details.

If you are contacted by someone who states to be from MT Finance offering a personal loan please contact your local police authorities or verify .

At MT Finance we take fraud very seriously and have reported this matter to the police.

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