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Commercial conversion for a BVI , E13


Client’s circumstances: Client was part way through converting a large commercial property into residential flats but due to other investment opportunities within their business, they needed to release further capital to complete the works and allow them to continue with onward investments. The client is a BVI company and didn’t want to wait around for

Commercial purchase & conversion under PD, P016

commercial purchase and conversion

Clients circumstances: The clients were looking to expand their beauty business and required funds to complete the purchase of a commercial property, consisting of a beauty salon and redundant offices. They intended to convert the offices above the salon into residential flats, under permitted development. Initially the client had another lender in place but were

property purchase with gifted funds, TQ5


Client’s circumstances: Clients needed £104,000 to purchase a residential investment property, which they planned to eventually refurbish and put on the rental market to generate some extra income. The clients had approached their mortgage lender but were turned down because the sellers had someone currently residing in the property and vacant possession wasn’t swiftly obtainable.

cross 2nd charge for commercial purchase

commercial property 2nd charge

client circumstances: Client required funds to complete the purchase of their business premises. The client wanted to leverage the equity in two of their investment properties that already had first charges secured on them – one was a residential property, the other was an HMO, with a combined open market value of £1.05 million. They

LTD company multi-unit purchase, M19

LTD company multi unit purchase

client’s circumstances: Clients required £1.63 million to purchase a block of flats, using a corporate vehicle that already held a huge portfolio. The property had recently been converted into 21 newly refurbished units, and therefore had the opportunity to generate good rental income and yields. The client was given three weeks to complete the purchase

2nd charge redemption & business injection, SW7

2nd charge business redemption

client circumstances: Clients required funds to redeem an existing 2nd charge loan secured over their home in Knightsbridge that had been used to invest into their business. The existing charge was coming to the end of its term and they urgently needed £753,000 to redeem the charge, with the remainder of the funds being injected

notice served on auction purchase, LS12

client circumstances Our client had agreed to purchase a property at auction as she wanted to add value to her current portfolio. However, she had been served a notice to close the sale and was under increasing pressure for a quick turnaround of funds, otherwise she faced losing her deposit. The client required £45,500 to

listed building purchase, OX15

client circumstances We were approached by a client who frequently targeted investment properties in a rundown state, before making the necessary renovations and selling them on at a decent profit. In this instance, the client needed to raise £306,000 to purchase a Grade II listed building. The contracts had already been exchanged, so she was

BTL purchase with gifted deposit, GL12

client circumstances Our client was looking to purchase an investment property that required a substantial amount of structural work. His mother had gifted him a deposit of £150,000 but he required a further £120,000 to complete the transaction. The client’s bank would not offer a BTL mortgage with a gifted deposit and as the asset

BTL mortgage offer withdrawn, WD19


client circumstances Our client required a quick turnaround to complete the purchase of a buy-to-let property. He had been let down by his BTL lender, who had withdrawn a previously agreed offer, due to changes in their lending, caused by Covid’s impact on the market. MT Finance solution Even with the tight turnaround, we managed

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