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Fast property purchase, NR10

Client circumstances Our client had 10 days to complete a purchase of an investment property which he had agreed to buy for £355,000. They needed to move very quickly in order to take advantage of the opportunity. MT Finance solution The client had previously had a valuation report undertaken on the property by another lender

Structural works, SL4

Structural works

Client circumstances We were approached by a client who wanted to add value to their buy-to-let property before they put it on the market. The required capital was to finance the conversion of an existing one bedroom flat into a two-bed, and to create a two-storey extension at the rear of the property to make

Second charge loan redemption, N13

Buy-to-let hotspots

Client circumstances Our client was in the process of selling his property that had an existing second charge loan that was due for redemption in just 15 days, but the process was taking longer than expected. The client was feeling the pressure and urgently required £185,500 to redeem his existing 2nd charge loan that he

Commercial property purchase, PE2

Lending to value

Client circumstances A Ltd Company needed funds to purchase a vacant commercial office block in Peterborough, which they intended to modernise and let out. The company had a specific completion date and were unable to obtain a commercial mortgage in the time-frame required. MT Finance solution We provided a £600,000 commercial short-term loan, at 45%

Auction property purchase, FY5

Auction property purchase

Client circumstances The client required £122,000 to complete the purchase of an investment property via auction.  He approached his existing mortgage lender but the deadline for completion was tight. Time was running out and he faced risking his £50,000 deposit. MT Finance solution On receipt of the enquiry we issued an offer in principle to

Barn conversion, SG9

Client’s circumstances Client had recently purchased a barn and its surrounding land for £400,000 through an SPV and required £236,000 to develop the asset into 3 residential dwellings. Once the works are completed, the asset was expected to fetch a value of £1.8m. MT Finance solution In just 10 working days, we provided an initial

Funding a business acquisition, CR3

Funding a business acquisition

Client’s circumstances The client owned a successful textile manufacturing company and as part of his growth strategy, was looking for funds to help him acquire a similar company. As part of the acquisition, the client was able to take over an existing contract for materials and products from Southeast Asia, including a shipment that had

Commercial to resi conversion, RH10


Client’s circumstances Client required funds to complete the purchase of a commercial property, which they planned to convert into a house of multiple occupation (HMO). The vendor had set a specific timescale for completion, therefore the client needed to act quickly in order to capitalise on this valuable opportunity. The client required monies to help

Purchase to obtain planning, BN11

Client’s circumstances A client had created an SPV and required a loan of £270,000 to purchase a vacant pub. The client intended to purchase the property and then apply for planning permission for the conversion to 6 flats. As the property currently didn’t have planning and was vacant, financing options were limited. MT Finance solution

2nd charge refurbishment, SE21

second charge bridging loan

Client’s circumstances The client was looking to raise funds to start refurbishment works on his freehold block of three flats. He was unable to acquire further funds from his buy-to-let mortgage lender as the size of his property’s basement did not conform with their lending requirements. MT Finance solution In just 14 days, we provided

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