yes- we’ve rebranded!


yes- we’ve rebranded!



We decided it was time to give MTF a bit of a makeover. We felt we needed a brand that accurately reflected who we were as a lender and after a few months of pruning and polishing, we are proud to finally share it with you.

Why the penguins?

When we originally sat down with our marketing company and began to fill in a questionnaire about our core values, a recurring theme and word emerged: ‘relationships.’

You can learn a lot about relationships from penguins. Emperor penguins especially are a very interesting species of penguin in that they exhibit monogamy during each breeding season, choosing only one mate. Coming together to start a project- a baby, they stay together for an entire year until that project is completed.

We felt this was akin to us: a bridging finance company that focusses on relationships, is loyal and typically lends for 6-12 months.

Our new brand isn’t just cosmetic, it’s a reflection of what we stand for but rest assured though our look has changed, our commitment to you hasn’t. Everything that makes MTF great will remain the same – expect the same speed, flexibility and multi-award winning service you are used to!

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