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September news from MT Finance

We are pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a Patron of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB).

The NACFB is the UK’s trade body for business finance brokers and a leading voice in the industry.

In explaining the importance of this development Tomer Aboody, Head of Business Development at MT Finance explained: ‘ The NACFB represents a commitment to quality and professionalism on the part of its members in the commercial finance industry.  We share these standards and commitments and look forward to developing strong relationships with the associations members.’

The NACFB was established in 1992 to raise standards of professional practice in the commercial broker industry. The Association is responsible for the production of a Code of Practice, which has been adopted by an increasing number of commercial finance brokers.

The NACFB has established complaints and disciplinary procedures designed to eliminate unacceptable working practices amongst its members. The Association also aims to protect its members and their clients against restrictive practices within the industry.

August news from MT Finance

August saw the launch of our ‘Get Back to Basics’ nationwide advertising campaign.  The idea is simple and revolves around our commitment to transparent efficient bridging finance.

The mortgage market continues to be a difficult place in which to raise property finance.  From one end of the spectrum to another the major banks and lending institutions have regressively redefined ‘adverse credit’ in such broad terms so as to make it a challenge for the best of borrowers to arrange a mortgage quickly if at all. The goal posts keep shifting.

Back To Basics is a simple slogan which underpins our simple approach to bridging finance. No Nonsense. Non Status. Bridging Finance Loans.  At MT Finance we tell you straightaway what we can and cannot lend.  A simple, fast, and efficient way to quickly secure bridging finance.

 MT Finance – Commercial Property Finance Launched

Following the recent launch of new commercial bridging finance lending facilities we recently completed a bridging loan on a Hotel located in East Sussex which the borrower purchased at a discount to value with the intention of securing planning permission

Although our focus remains very much on residential property the expansion into lending over purely commercial assets represents a further commitment to providing the market with a genuine alternative.

For more information or a quote on a bridging finance loan to be secured over a commercial property contact us today.

MT Finance – Commitment To Non Status Lending – Case Fact

When we say we’re not status lenders we mean it.

We believe that what a borrower intends to do now and in the future is more important than the problems they may have had in the past.

A case in point from August is a 2nd charge bridging loan secured over a property in Central London involving  borrowers who had accrued arrears of 6 months on the principal mortgage.  The loan was approved and structured in such a way as to clear the existing arrears and to give the borrowers the time and space to get their finances in order.

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

Our new site is designed to be user friendly, clean, and simple, just like the bridging finance products we offer.

As part of our commitment to being market leaders in providing straight forward, transparent, non status bridging loans, the new website is designed to give brokers and borrowers clear and easy access to information about MT Finance and how we can help.

Our new Apply Online facility allows for enquiries to be made with a minimum of fuss. As always users should expect a response from a decision maker within the day. As our loans are non-status, we will not be running an invasive credit search against your information.

‘The Blog’ facility is a tool designed to allow us to communicate with you by providing up-dates on products and to bring news of lending highlights which illustrate what we do and how we operate.

Our continued growth is based on our core principles of transparency, communication and service. This new site is a small step towards offering a better service to our customers and introducers alike. We hope you like it.